Ellie bio

Ellie was born 5/18/1998.  I had wanted a German Shepherd Dog for years.  I always thought they had a look of intelligence about them and that they were very trainable dogs.  I’m sure the fact that I thought they were beautiful animals was in there also.  I spent 2 years researching and checking out different breeders before deciding on the von der Hollenburg kennel in Greenville, Ohio.  I met all the dogs that were scheduled for upcoming matings, and after selecting a prospective pairing, paid a deposit on a female puppy that was yet to be conceived.  Everything went according to plan and I got a call when the puppies arrived.  I went to visit them when they were a few days old, but of course it was way too early to make a selection.  I returned when they were 4 weeks old and chose a little bundle of fur and energy, who really looked just like all the others.  Whatever it was that made me choose her, it was a choice that I have never regretted.  Ellie is and always has been a wonderful dog.  It just goes to show you what great dogs caring and responsible breeders produce.  She does come from royal lines – her full name is Stewart’s Ellie von der Hollenburg.  Parents – Mike vom Haus Bork and Iff Iv-Re. Great grandparents – 2 time World Seiger (champion) Uran vom Wildsteiger and herding champion Pischa vom Kirschental.  All that is great, but what I really care about is what a sweet and gentle dog Ellie is.  As she was born the same year as my granddaughter, Darrien, I wanted a “kid proof” dog.  When she was a pup, I spent a lot of time tugging on her tail and ears and feet, sliding her around on the tile floor, getting my fingers in her ears and mouth – all the things a toddler will do to a dog.  As a result, Ellie would happily take anything that Darrien could dish out, and find it all to be great fun.  I remember when Darrien first started climbing up onto the sofa she would often use Ellie as a step stool, as quite often the pup could be found taking a snooze with her back up against the sofa.  Ellie not only didn’t mind this practice, she usually didn’t even wake up!

throw it just once more, pleeease!


My Ellie is getting up there in years now.  All her life her favorite pastimes have included chase the tennis ball, chase the tennis ball, chase the tennis ball and chase the tennis ball.  Now it is more like chase the tennis ball, sleep, rest, walk, carry the tennis ball around a bit and then take a nap.

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