Daisy in the nursery

Daisy’s six chicks are doing very well. Daisy is doing a wonderful job of teaching them the life skills for being a successful chicken – scratching, pecking, and running away from any other creature, which is mainly us. Scooter and Erinn recently got one lonely chick from a broody hen, so we loaned out two of Daisy’s babies as companion chicks. The lone chick wasn’t doing so well on her own learning her life skill. I drew up the loaner chick rental agreement, but never got it signed. I’ll probably never see that six-pack of good beer. Two of the babies have developed some brown on their wings and they are the two with some feathers on their feet, so it seems like these two must be from the Maran eggs, but could be pure or could be half R.I. Red.


Daisy's chicks are two weeks old now.

It is always fun to watch them grow up and see how the Cockerels develop, but then in the back of our minds we know their eventual fate and that is a little bit sad to think about.


first day outside

The 14 six-week old chicks finally went outside for the first time over the weekend. It was a little traumatic at first – so much space and so much sun – but they eventually seemed to enjoy exploring. The grass was a little tall for them, but hopping and flapping got them around the nursery coop yard nicely. Daisy and her peeps were inside the nursery coop and the older one were outside the coop. This should give them a chance to get to know each other. A brief encounter between Daisy and the older birds, let us know that they aren’t ready to be put together yet.

Room to explore