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It appears that rearing queens triggers the expectant mom renovation urge in me! This time I have modified some medium boxes into nucs! First I took a screen bottom board and added a center divider so that the bees in each nuc can’t reach the other.  I also made up […]

Bees eating a lot!

Both nurse hive had finished eating the syrup, so I gave each another pint. I decided to start feeding at twilight, as I worry a lot about robbing. I also closed Liz’s queen castle a bit more with a piece of wood so that the opening is not as big. […]

Grafting: Round 3

On Sunday, June 22, we met at Kristien’s house to graft the cells for Round 3 of the queen rearing project. We first checked on the nurse nucs we had made up on Saturday.  The deep nuc still seemed strong; however, it did seem that some of the bees had flown back […]

Side 1

Schedule for Q3?

Day two (june 21, 2014): preparing the two nurse nucs 0830 at Liz’s house (Krz need to pick up eyeglasses at 0800 first): putting medium frames and nurse bees in one nuc. Waiting closing nuc off. Going over to Krz yard. Meeting Mel and Todd, preparing another nuc with deep […]