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Queen Rearing Round 2: ARGH!!!

So at about 8:30 on the morning of June 18th we checked to see how many nucs we needed to prepare for the soon-to-be emerging queens.  We counted 7 capped cells.  They seemed a little short and we detected movement of the queens within the cells.  Off we went to prepare […]


Busy at our nurse hive

I had a quick look outside our nurse hive this early evening and there were bees flying in and out. There were also some bees just hanging out. They must have enough bodies to make our queen cells. Today is day 8. Our cells should be practically capped. Did not […]

Round Q2 of queen rearing

June 6, 2012 Nurse hive set up: [Show slideshow] Bees from 3 frames of capped brood shaken into a deep. Transported to Mel and Dawn’s yard. Additional nurse bees added by shaking all the bees from my Q1 queen hive (deep, 10 frames) into the new nurse hive. Q1 queen […]