5/12 Another Quick Check of the Backyard

The colony from Todd’s swarm that I requeened with a Carniolan from Eversweet is doing well. They have drawn out all the frames and had 8 frames of brood, worker and drone. I added a box that is checker boarded drawn comb with foundationless.

The remnants of the Cleopatra colony are doing okay. About 6 frames of brood, nice solid pattern.

The small pink colony is still functional. The queen is alive but her brood pattern is not so great. I won’t mind requeening her.

The laying workers still don’t have any signs of a queen. I couldn’t find the virgin I put in there. On the other hand, I also didn’t see signs of a laying worker. Most of the previous drone brood had hatched and I didn’t see new areas of brood. Maybe the virgin is doing her thing? I guess I’ll wait. (I know I said I’d wait a month last time and it’s only been 9 days. Patience is not my best virtue!)