Quick Check of the Backyard

Just did a quick peek at all 4 colonies this evening around 5:00. The swarm from Todd which was requeened with a Carniolian queen from Eversweet Apiaries seems to be doing well. Calm and focused on business.

The remnants of the Cleopatra colony that provided 3 boxes of honey last year are still uncertain. I had checked it on 4/19 and there was young brood but none capped. That brood is still not capped but looks as though it will be both worker and drone. I haven’t seen a queen. I saw a few well-centered, single eggs in cells but the area covered in brood is about 3 sides of a frame the size of the palm of my hand. Not much.

The single box pink colony received a population boost from Todd’s after swarm. There is a queen and I marked her red.

The laying worker colony/swarm experiment seems to be a fail. No bees in the top two boxes. I’m a little concerned that mood of the laying workers may be changing. Grant was head butted while trying to mow the lawn about 30 feet behind and away from the colony. Might shake out and give up on them soon.