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August inspection of Hive 1

I haven’t inspected my hives in about six weeks. Primarily I have been looking forward to solving the mystery of the blue marked queens. The mystery may not be entirely solved, but I do have a few answers. It turns out that the queen that KZ and I marked with […]


Sally 2a did what?

I may be losing my mind – that would be a much easier explanation – or I just observed a very odd thing. I was looking into the two nucs with some bees, hives 5 and 6. Hive 5 is the cardboard box which is supposed to have my ‘banked’ […]


Q3 NUCs on day 15

It’s late so I’ll be brief. I checked my two NUCs today at around 3 pm and neither queen (George 2) had yet emerged. Hive 6 only had a handful of bees with another handful of capped brood cells available. I opened the cage and I expect that she will […]