3 new royalty from Q3 marked in Libertytown

This friday (7.25.2014), I located the 3 queens that I have from Q3 and marked them with an orange dot. There was brood in every nuc, but clearly, the one with the most bees (from the most brood given when the nuc was set up), had the largest amount of brood from the new queen. It could well be that a new queen judges how many workers are available to care for brood and adjusts her egg laying accordingly. One of the nucs was short on food; no honey or nectar in the frame. These bees had a empty frames, just foundation, and they were not working on that. I exchanged that with a frame of honey/nectar that I still had. Everyone happy again. Still not been able to take pictures.


2 thoughts on “3 new royalty from Q3 marked in Libertytown

  • todd

    Sorry we miscommunicated. I would have been able to take the pictures. I know you have a yellow marker, but you also have an orange one? It seems we have every color but the proper one, green. At least next year I’ll have us covered with my blue pen.

    • Kristien Z Post author

      I now also have green. A nice bright color. I have bought some more paint pens. They work fine. I thus have red, green, yellow, orange. I trashed my blue one, it was not the right type. I also do not yet have white. Orange is my favorite.

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