front door finished!

This was a good day – getting the front door finished and finally a fully weather proof structure!  Adding the white trim boards at the corners and around the windows really adds a nice touch.  It is looking so nice that we often comment on turning this into a guesthouse!  It really does seem way too fancy for chickens, at least on the outside, but that part is more for our enjoyment.  So I came up with the name “Gallus Palace”, (Gallus is both the genus and species name for the domestic chicken) and what a palace they will be living in.



I am really excited about all the storage space that we will have for all of our chicken supplies.  It will be so nice to get all that out of the garage and have it closer to where the chickens actually live.

finishing touches




We’ve started on the secure outdoor run and are hoping to be far enough along to move this year’s chicks in the next week or so.  We really need to free up that small coop where they are currently residing so we can get the guinea keets moved outside.  The next steps will include adding the hardware cloth to the entire structure as well as burying about a foot of it in the ground all around the perimeter to keep digging critters from helping themselves to a late night chicken dinner.

secure run beginnings