We don’t know what happened, but Sunday night when we went to lock up the chickens, Ethel was laying by the door. She was concious, but not able to stand and her neck was twisted around in a very awkward looking way. We thought she might have had a broken neck. It has been so hot lately, we also thought she might have had heat stroke. We tried to get her cooled off and tried to get her to drink some water. She spent the night in a box in the basement and weren’t sure she would make it through the night. She did and has very slowly improved. We had to give her water several times a day, but she had no interest in food for the first 36 hours.

Finally, today she was drinking with little help and pecked at some melon and ate some meal worms. The prognosis is good at this point, but we still really don’t know what happened. She isn’t walking and only this evening did she even stand up on her own.