Cherry Belle Radish

It’s so exciting to get the first veggies from our garden!  The radishes are growing well in the raised bed and some that we planted in one of the large gardens are looking great for harvesting in another week or so.  These are the variety Cherry Belle,  a smaller radish with a mild flavor.  Funny we never buy radishes at the grocery, but I always look forward to the clean, fresh taste of these right out of the garden.

We have lettuce, spinach, onions, peas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts all doing nicely in the garden right now.  We seem to have a lot of rabbits in our area this spring so we are putting up fencing around the 2 large garden plots.  The fence is really to keep the chickens out, too.  They love to scratch around in the nice loose soil and I’m sure they would eat all the tender greens sprouting up if given the chance.  They have not been getting their free range time for the last few weeks so we need to get that fence up ASAP.