I picked some green beans, okra and tomatoes from the garden last night.  The grape tomatoes are really coming on right now and this is the first of the larger ones.  The Romas look like they will take a while longer but we did plant a lot of those this year and we are going to be very busy making salsa, pasta sauce and canning in a few weeks!

The green beans are just about finished in this crop but there is another half row that should be ready to pick soon and I plan to plant some more of a pole variety this weekend as soon as I get the spent pea plants pulled and that section of the garden cleaned up.

The Annie Oakley okra is so yummy and I will work on getting more of that in the freezer.  It is really good to add into soups through the winter.  The other variety of okra has produced taller plants that are now blooming so there will be even more to eat/freeze very soon.