The garden got a bit of a late start due to the long cold winter and subsequent wet start to spring. My Grandfather used to always plant onions, lettuce, and peas on St. Patrick’s Day, so every year when that passes me by I feel like I am already behind schedule.

This is the second year since my tiller stopped working and I have gone to the no till system. I like the philosophy of not breaking up the soil and instead adding compost on top. I didn’t buy any compost this year, but instead I have been spreading my own compost made up mostly of chicken poop. I also dump the kitchen scraps, Guinea pig waste and some yard waste. It is pretty rich stuff, but I didn’t turn it enough last year so most of it is still uncomposted. I will have to work on my technique. I have been able to use some on the garden and I hope it is enough. Of course, I also rotate where the various crops will be.

The potatoes in the raised bed did very well last year, but I am moving them to the old strawberry mound along with lots of compost and some straw to lighten up the soil. The potatoes need lots of loose soil. In the raised bed I have planted carrots, radishes and some spinach. I think they will do well.

So far in the main garden area I have planted snap peas, pod peas, lettuce, beets and onions. They all look so good this time of year. I remembered to put up a fence to keep the bunnies from eating the tender top of the peas which they have done in the past.

There is nothing yet in the second area except for the third-year asparagus plants. We have already had one dinner of the asparagus and it is a real treat. We didn’t harvest anything the first two years and I think we now have great plants.